12 Week Coaching Programme


A 12 week training and nutrition programmes that offers a comprehensive guide that you need to get in shape. The programme provides an ideal amount of time to start to see excellent results.



Firstly, I personally write and am involved in every single training programme that you receive. I take the time, using my experience, skills and qualifications developed over many years to write a tailored programme that will be as specific to your goals as possible.

To see the sort of results you can expect take a look at my  5 months transformation.

With the growth of online coaching in recent years I would like to point out what you can expect from me as your personal online coach and in return the expectations from you if you are going to achieve the results you want.

This programme will provide you with the blueprint you need to follow to get the results you need. You will need to be motivated and disciplined. Please remember this before purchasing a programme. I can write you the best programme in the world but if you continue eating pizzas all weekend and drinking excessive alcohol during the week or at weekends you will not achieve the desired results.

A lot of online coaching programmes offer a training routine for anywhere between 4 – 16 weeks. Alternatively they may offer nutritional programmes across the same timescale and may charge double the price for doing both. The reality is with getting in shape it is your diet that will make or break you. As a rule of thumb I suggest that your physique can be accounted for around 70% nutrition and 30% training. This is harsh reality of getting in shape. Your training routine can take, excluding cardio where necessary, 4 hours per week. From 4 hours per week of training you really can get fantastic results if your nutrition is correct. You may sleep for 6- 8 hours and it is what you do with the other 15 hours of the day that will matter. This is why all programmes combine both nutrition and workout programmes. If you wish to eat out with friends and have big events or you wish to go out drinking in moderation you can do this. I’m living proof of this, the results show here involved me eating out having large pancakes with syrup and fruit mix and celebrating drinking alcohol at my wife’s 30th and a few other occasions.

12 Week Plan

12 weeks is a good time to ‘transform’ your physique. Whether you want to go from overweight to a more healthy weight or put size on,12 weeks is the sweet spot to get the results most people want. One other thing to consider is that 12 weeks is a long time of training and this programme requires this highest level of discipline.

*all programmes require that you have a food scale and count your daily food calories and macro nutrient intake which I will take you through. This is the only way I can ensure you will get the results you want.

  • Full training plan including reps, sets, pauses, rest days and cardio where necessary
  • Electronic or printable workout plans
  • Development of lagging body areas and programmes designed to break through monotonous and tedious workout routines
  • Personal contact via emails (24hr response) and smartphone instant messenger app contact
  • Weekly email check-ins
  • Full nutritional plan ideas on how to build and structure your nutrition over the duration of you programme*
  • Own macro nutrient plan and split of how much fat, carbohydrates and proteins you should be taking
  • Weekly updates and adjustments
  • Basic supplementation plan – what to avoid and what can benefit you
  • Motivation when you need it
  • 4 week full programme review and revisions to training programme to avoid plateaus and boredom
  • Tailored macro nutrient plan to adjust for change in body composition and avoid stagnating at a body weight or body fat percentage
  • Guidance and advice on hunger management, refeed days and cutting or bulking adjustments
  • 2 full programme reviews, week 4 and week 8 to completely review your training programme to avoid plateaus and boredom especially around the 8-10 week mark
  • Advanced tailored macro nutrient plan, focusing on the last 4 weeks and build up to the end of the 12 week and to adjust for change in body composition and avoid stagnating at a body weight or body fat percentage
  • Advance supplement guide, full break down of additional supplements to take over the course of the programme included micronutrient adjustments
  • 2 x 30 minute video calls to go over your programme and progress at a time of your choice whilst on programme

Please allow 3 – 5 days to write and finalise the plan.


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